Esthetician - Level 1

Meet Reagan, our fabulous esthetician at Urban Betty Salon in Round Rock! Hailing from the heart of Oklahoma City and raised with a touch of Texas charm in Odessa, yee haw! 🤠 Reagan’s journey to becoming an esthetician is as unique as her personality.

Originally, starting her college journey in Psychology, Reagan discovered her true passion for skincare and the beauty industry. It took her five years after leaving college to realize she could turn her love for skincare into a fulfilling career. Now, helping people achieve glowing, confident skin is what she lives for.

Reagan is a proud graduate of the Avenue Five Institute for Esthetics, where she honed her skills and developed a keen eye for lash lifts. Witnessing the transformation from before to after brings her immense joy, showcasing her dedication to making others feel their most beautiful selves.

Beyond the treatment room, Reagan loves to explore her surroundings, whether it’s her local town, other cities, or different states. Her adventurous spirit extends to trying new restaurants, browsing farmers’ markets, enjoying live music, and embracing the thrill of longboarding. She’s also on a mission to master the art of roller-skating.

In her downtime, you might find Reagan immersed in the virtual world of Stardew Valley on her Nintendo Switch or engrossed in a good book. Her multifaceted interests contribute to her vibrant personality and creativity.

Reagan’s journey with Urban Betty began when she moved to Austin in 2020. Having been a loyal client herself, she expressed her interest in esthetics to Jessica Tellez at the SOCO location. Jessica encouraged Reagan to pursue her passion and became a supportive mentor throughout her esthetics journey. When Reagan graduated, Jessica suggested applying for Urban Betty’s new location, knowing it would be a perfect fit for someone who already appreciated the salon’s environment and vibe.

Reagan brings her expertise and enthusiasm to Urban Betty Salon in Round Rock, where she continues to make clients feel confident, beautiful, and right at home in their skin.

*Interested in booking a consultation or receiving a price quote before your appointment with Reagan? DM on Instagram @radiantskin_by_reagan or in person by calling 512.371.7663. 

Phone: 512.371.7663