Maggie McCawley, Hairstylist at Urban Betty Salon

I recently cut my hair to a short pixie cut . Not that I don’t love it short, but I decided to start growing it back out . Growing out a pixie is a lot like growing out bangs, if you have ever been through that frustration. You try to be patient, but all you want to do is cut it all off because it’s so awkward. In order to cope with the overwhelming desire to cut it all off, I have been trying some different things with my hair.

Normally, I have a very heavy front piece, and push it all forward and can flip it all to either side. As it gets a little longer, I am able to curl most of it to create some texture while eliminating the feeling of having an overgrown bowl on my head. Another cute style I’ve been trying as it grows a bit, has been to push everything back from the center of the top of my head, and leaving a nice little side bang area, maybe wear a headband to keep everything back. On nights I feel a little more spicy, I will push all of my hair back to a pompadour, sleek on the sides with volume on top. Teasing my hair a bit and giving it that bouffant volume makes it look like a completely different haircut.