Holiday parties are quickly approaching and chances are you’re going to want to style your hair! Here are three quick and easy styles with tips and tricks to help you do so.


For this first look, prep your hair by curling your hair with a small curling iron and Kerastase VIP Spray. From there, put your hair in 3 small pony tails at the base of your neck. Braid each ponytail and lightly blouse apart the braids. The last step is to lightly twist and pin the braids around each other.

This look is going to be simple, yet chic. Prep clean dry hair with Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil. Heat styling is not necessary for this look. Brush all the hair to the top of the head. Loop hair through an elastic band, being sure not to pull the tail all the way through. Wrap the tail around the elastic band and pin the bun in the shape you want. Gently pull desired loose hair around the face and curl those pieces if you want more of a polished look.

The last look is good if you’re wanting to keep your hair interesting while keeping it down. First, prep your hair adding beach waves with a wand, Kerastase VIP spray, and light back combing at the crown of the head. Starting about an inch from the hairline around the temple area, start your braid until the hair runs out. Secure that braid with an elastic band and gently blouse apart the braid. Repeat these steps on the other side. Take one of the braids and lightly pull it through the other and secure it with bobby pins.