The American Wave

Gone are the days of the classic bricklay perm. There is a new perm on the block, and it’s a gentler, trendier version than the traditional perm that you used to know. It’s called the American Wave, created by Nick Arrojo.

The American Wave can create permanent waves, curls, texture and volume—and the curl pattern is completely customizable, which gives you the option to choose loose curls, beachy waves, or just overall volume!

How does it work?

A stylist will first shampoo your hair to remove any oils and product residue. Next, the stylist will use bendable rods to shape the wet hair into the desired curl pattern and apply the solution. Afterwards, the stylist will rinse and neutralize, and then you’ll be ready to style your hair! The entire process takes around two hours.

A complimentary consultation is required prior to the service to ensure that your hair is a good candidate for the chemical treatment. The American Wave is the perfect way to oomph up your hair for the New Year!

Image courtesy of Arrojo NYC