Erin Mutschler

Erin Mutschler

Hairstylist + Educator


Erin is one of our veteran stylists as she’s been with the company since 2010! She’s from Midland, Texas.

Erin is extremely driven, loves to sing, and has a strong affinity for wine! Erin may appear to have a tough, spunky exterior, but she’s a softie deep down and motherhood has really brought that out of her. She’s very family-oriented and is close-knit with her family members. A fun fact about Erin: whales are her spirit animal. She loved whales so much as a child that she wanted to grow up to be a whale trainer at SeaWorld.

Erin has been an Urban Betty Educator since 2012 years and has done a wonderful job mentoring stylists at the start of their cosmetology career. As a stylist, she thoroughly enjoys creating beautiful blondes and red tresses and is also a really skilled cutting specialist.


Haircut & Blow Dry

$73 and up

Barber Cut

$67 and up

Dimensional Highlight

$163 and up

Dimensional Balayage

$369 and up


$178 and up

Highlight Balayage

$389 and up


$309 and up

Blonding Retouch

$252 and up

Halo Highlight

$63 and up


$223 and up

Color Retouch

$103 and up

p: 512-371-7663