Jami Asad


Jami uses the beauty industry to connect with people and help others express themselves through their personal style. She has 10 years of experience working one on one with clients. While specializing in creativity as a whole, Jami feels confident that she can meet the needs of anyone looking to enhance their look.

"I just want to help people feel like they are the most beautiful versions of themselves, inside and out. I really love bringing out the best in people." Jami's favorite part of her career is meeting new faces and building connections while staying busy in a business that she loves.

When Jami isn't behind the chair she trains martial arts, has a personal blog called The Bloom Diaries, and is the cohost of Tired Girls Club Podcast, a podcast she started with her best friend in June 2019. She is also super into astrology and will tell you all about your birth chart.

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