Red Hair For Darker Skin

Here’s the thing about RED:

The various shades of red can be entirely nuanced. With that said, there are times when someone with light skin can pull off that deep, cool toned red and the person with dark skin can pull off that ginger cinnamon (check out Tyra Banks and her ginger locks.) The following examples are just guidelines, as rules are meant to be broken. Also, can we talk about Rhianna and just how perfectly she exemplified cool toned reds?


Cinnamon Red

Do we remember when Snooky went red? It was quite lovely on her! She has the perfect skin shade for that almost cool red with a hint of warmth. Her glowing skin reflects that warmth, emitting a hint of cinnamon.


Burgundy Red

How about when Chaka Khan went a deep burgundy? She really has the best possible skin tone for this wine shade of red (and can we talk about that lip color?). Shaka Khan has been red off and on for years, but personally, this has always been my favorite on her.


Scarlet Vermillion

Last year, Keke Palmer donned a vibrant yet deep red, emitting vibes of both vixen and scarlet vermillion. We’re not saying she brought the cool to red, but the implication is undeceiving. Oozes. Boss.

Rhianna Reds

While I understand Rhianna hasn’t been red in a long minute, I’d like to celebrate all that she was as a redhead, which can only truly be exemplified through photographs.


Dark toned wine red

Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 12.27.59 PM.png

Dark Cinnamon


Ariel Red


Next Level Ariel Red


Double Dare You Ariel Red

Triple Dog Dare You Ariel Red